Bitch Please, I’m Busy

Ladies and Gentlesorts, I am busy as all fuck up in here preparing and now teaching Basic Training flunkees for the real world of officership and have had no time for myself in about three weeks. No complaints here, just factoids. It has been a wild ride, so far, a wave of unspeakable strength and gait that I have just sort of gone limp for and hoped that I would come out the other side. Fortunately my pace has bolstered my fitness and weight loss efforts, but soon I will actually have to make time for some concentrated self-love weight room routine.

Thank you for your patience. More to come.

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Sad, Neglected Bloggy-Type-Thing

Dear non readers and two possible followers alike, I have been away too long. 2014 has been a fortunate year for music and there should be a lot to consider for a good re-cap list of the greatest and worst of the annum. For now, enjoy this fantastic track from Little Dragon, and buy their latest and greatest album, Nabuma Rubberband, if you haven’t already.

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On the Table Tonight

As others are enjoying the sunshine this BC Day Monday evening, I am at home prepping for the week. You know the drill: crack a couple Pacifico, toss a record on, and get the cleaning and meals done for the next few days so that you may look like you know what you’re doing come the work day tomorrow morning -Music to do stuff by. Tonight I’m feeling a bit lonely, so I tossed on this record because it reminds me of of my favourite person. The Pretenders are one of C’s favourite bands, the four albums of theirs he owns on a constant rotation when he’s home, but I’ll go a step further to say that I think that they are one of the most underrated bands in rock history. They have a timeless alternative rock quality about them that really cuts through the crap at any decade. The songs are catchy but not pop-y, the musicianship is solid, and the lyrics are great. They’re fresh, they don’t sound like anyone else, and any time I feel like I’m losing my faith in rock and roll I can drop the needle on these guys and take a breath of fresh air. Tonight they are also serving as a warm, soothing blanket for my lonely face. Listen here: 

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What a Beard: Thank you Dan Ball

Big ups to Dan Ball. This handsome gentleman, who is also known as the Zone Ranger for Victoria’s 91.3fm radio station, is an outstanding young citizen of our dear city. I was walking home from the gym today and saw said lovely bearded man on the sidewalk so I greeted him. “Hello Dan”, I said, “you’re looking’ good”. To which he replied “Thanks. Nice to see you. Hey, you look great!” and then he proceeded to demand a spirited, solid high-five. Damnnit Dan! You are awesome. Thanks for making my day. 

I stole these pics from the Zone. Promo is Promo. 



Thanks friends. Stay tuned.

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Tokyo Police Club: Where’s the Force?

Have you heard Tokyo Police Club’s new single “Hot Tonight” from their new album Forcefield? It’s on the Much Music Top 20 chart and the album is being streamed on the New York Times online music page, a couple of moves indicating a reach out to the public mass consumption listener realm in a way I haven’t seen before for this band. Yes they’ve made videos in the past, but as the mild sounding, pop musings of “Hot Tonight” describe audibly and visually, this seems like the transition into a mellower, more accessible Tokyo Police Club. Hey, I’m all about bands making money, but where is the grit of their individual art form? Perhaps I’m not being fair. Maybe they are simply following the trend of rock music becoming lighter, happier, more productive. Maybe I’m reading too much into this.

Tokyo Police Club

Where Champ was a deep journey that I was happy to play on repeat, Forcefield appears to be a tepid album that may get a play or two before simply becoming a random song selection on an automatic playlist. That being said, there’s little gem like “Gonna Be Ready”, that gives me hope for the integrity of my relationship with the band; a small tear in the wallpaper revealing an old, much loved pattern. More listening required to confirm first impressions. 

Give the album a listen here.

Thanks friends. Stay tuned.

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I Heart Mounties


I have a bit of a rule nowadays about purchasing albums: it is rare that I go out and spend the $16 or more unless I like at least two of the songs. I guess the exceptions are Queens of the Stone Age and Radiohead, who I’ll pick up just because I know they’re guaranteed to please. So what of Mounties and their album Thrash Rock Legacy ? I instantly fell in love with Mounties after hearing their single, “Headphones“, a regular on my DJ playlist, but that was nearly a year ago. I saw them at Rifflandia last year and I think they did pretty well considering the show was the very first time they performed together in front of an audience at all, so kudos to them- this just an example of the might of their individual talents as performers. By popular demand the band compiled what they had, and so they evolved from fun project into legitimate band avec album for purchase.

What sold me was the second single, “Tokyo Summer“, which the Zone 91.3fm played almost every morning for week, and so I had no choice but to pick up the album. Plugged it in today and found Mounties to be exactly what I expected: sweet, melodic, poppy, fun. A summer crowd pleaser for sure. These are the types of songs you’ll be humming along to all day at BBQs, while playing frisbee, while soaking in the sun.

Now, let it be known that I’m not a fan of Hawksley Workman. But it should be noted that Mounties is such a great collaboration of talents that his artsy-pretension is subdued, and his level of musicianship and camaraderie unexpectedly revealed to me. For some reason I get the impression that he is a lot more fun than his solo work makes him seem, and I’ll admit that his efforts in Mounties has pushed me into fandom. It should be noted that this is not an easy win for him.

The liner notes credit Ryan Dahle, (Limblifter), and Steve Bays, (Hot Hot Heat), for most of the technical talent for mixing and engineering, which I love to see because it tells the story of a truly independent project with strong results. This is sort of what Rock and Roll is all about, right? Very little corporate influence. In fact, I’m pretty sure they toured old school, this year, in a van. I am falling deeper in love with how charming this all sounds.

Mounties are a great band and I hope this is more than a one-time-deal. Here are some audio-visuals:

Lucky Jeremy Baker spent some time with them at the Zone (91.3 fm):

And of course, this video kicks ass:

Thanks friends. Stay tuned.


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Fresh Beats- Chad Vangaalen’s New Album: Shrink Dust


Chad Vangaalen is back with his fifth album Shrink Dust. Reviews are supportive, nothing especially glowing, but a recent nod from Pitchfork has got me thinking that Vangaalen’s creative efforts are being noticed on a larger scale. This is refreshing. I believe this one-man-band is definitely deserving of some positive cred and his latest effort looks like it’s got potential for mass approval. Although hailed as being probably the most accessible entry for new listeners, Shrink Dust still holds on to an old tried and true Vangaalen dark quality. Beyond the darkness is also the comforting, ethereal, sonic noise that threads the songs together that fans know and love already. Fans will still be fans. New fans? Let’s hope so. A new album means it’s touring season. Keep your eyes peeled for Chad on the road.

One of two singles at large:

Recognize the artwork? You may have seen his work in the videos for Mother Mother’s “The Sticks” as well as Timber Timbre’s new track “Beat the Drum Slowly“. Worth a view.

Thanks, friends. Stay tuned.

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